Saturday, 30 January 2010

Coolababy Cloth Diapers


  • Unique design of 3 snaps in a row
  • Easy to adjust different size for any age of baby,fit baby weight from 3 Kg to 13 Kg.
  • Easy to adjust waist and leg. 
  • Comes with 2 types; Velcro and Snap Button.
  • Super absorbent 2 layer and 3 layer  microficre inserts fixed in the diaper.
  • Soft inner microfleece to make baby feel good.
  • Outer Polyester with PUL Laminate to prevent leakage. 


  •  Wash diaper prior from use to remove residue left behind from fabric manufacturer.
  • If diaper has been soiled, rinse content into a bucket, and tip bucket content down the toilet and flush.
  • Do not use Bleach or Fabric Softner.
  • Tumble Dry and hang to dry in warm or hot weather.
PRICE : RM 38/1pc (come with 2 inserts)
OR Package price as below:
-3 Pocket Diaper +6 inserts+poslaju=RM100
-6 Pocket Diaper +12 inserts+poslaju=RM200
-9 Pocket Diaper +18 inserts+poslaju=RM299
-12 Pocket Diaper +24 inserts+poslaju=RM399




Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Why Shall Change from Disposable Diapers (DD) to Cloth Diapers (CD?; The Answer to Many Parenting Challenges.

 This is my first write up in my blog. I wanted to do this for so long and at last today I found my precious time to start and write something about the things that I interested in; the Modern Cloth Diaper.

When I am first know about the modern cloth diapers, it was about 2 years ago. It happens that a friend of mine told me about the disadvantage of disposable diaper. At that time I am not really take it seriously because my second son already stop using the disposable diapers. My hubby and I trained him on potty training at his age 1 year old.

In April 2009, I got to know that I am in 2 months pregnancy. Then I start again to search the information on the Modern Cloth Diapers. At first my perception on cloth diapers is just a vision of messy dunk and swirl session over the toilet and sharp pin that too close to the baby. Then when I found this cloth diapers which I would like to call it “Modern Cloth Diapers”, I become more optimistic. Not only have cloth diapers come a long way since our parents used them but they offered easy, realistic solutions to many parenting challenges. I found the below challenges is interesting and worth for us to think off.

Challenge No 1: Our babies will grow up to inherit this earth and we would like to live a life of less environmental impact.

The Real Diaper Association estimates that 27.4 billion disposable diapers are consumed in the USA every year with over 92% of these ending up in land fills. They also state, “No one knows how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose but it is estimated to be about 250-500 years.”
These are big numbers that are easy for parents to gloss over especially when they typically see just one or two disposable diapers at a time. Let’s make these numbers a bit more personal. If your baby wears just six diapers each day to his third birthday, he will use 6,570 diapers (6 pcs DD x 365days x 3 years). Most babies use closer to nine diapers each day and figuring that usage to his third birthday is 9,855 diapers (9pcs DDx365 days x 3 years)!....

Challenge No. 2: Money is tight and we need to cut costs from our daily routine.

Using the example above, the cost for 6,570 disposable diapers is RM 6,570 for 3 years assuming we buy the RM1/pc of Disposable Diapers, and the price tag on 9,855 disposable diapers is RM 9,855 if your baby use average 9 pcs Disposable Diapers every day! . Instead, you can outfit your baby for life in Cloth Diapers for under RM 1,000 including all the neat accessories that make cloth diapering fun and easy.
Cloth diapers make great gift registry items so family and friends can help build your cloth diaper stash. Cloth diapers can also be passed along to future siblings, cutting costs for years to come.

Challenge No.3: We want to protect our children from exposure to harmful chemicals.

The Real Diaper Association reports that disposable diapers may contain traces of Dioxin. Dioxin has been banned in most countries and is listed by the EPA as the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals. They also state that some disposable diapers “contain sodium polyacrylate, a type of super absorbent polymer (SAP). A similar substance had been used in super-absorbency tampons until the early 1980s when it was revealed that the material increased the risk of toxic shock syndrome.”
Cloth diapers offer parents a safe alternative to disposable diapers and potential exposure to unknown chemicals.

Challenge No.4: We want the best for our baby but any parenting solution has to be quick, easy and cute.

Cloth diapers come in a wide variety of styles to fit babies of all sizes and any parenting routine. One particular style, pocket diapers, offers a stay-dry effect that virtually eliminates diaper rash. Another style, fitted diapers, is constructed in an array of fabric choices offering adorable prints and luxurious options like organic bamboo velour. With leak-proof gussets around the legs and stretchy Velcro tabs, today’s cloth diapers are just as easy to put on as disposable diapers and perform wonderfully at containing messes. Then, instead of throwing them in the trash, cloth diapers simply go through the regular washer and dryer and are ready to be used again.

Well after considering all the above points I have made my decision to choose Cloth Diapers for my new born baby; Faiq Jauzi. He really looks cute in his cloth diapers.

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