Monday, 22 February 2010

Do You Think Cloth Diaper is Too Expensive to Buy?

Hi all,

At first when I start to explore this cloth diaper, I do think that they are expensive. However after doing some thinking, research and thinking some more, I concluded that it,s money worth spending. I just think that it is an investment to my baby and also it can be along term investment to my next children (later planning). :)) . Besides, I feel good when I can contribute and be part of saving our environment and preserved it to our next generation. I just feel sad when I can't do something better for future generation. For me this is the simplest thing that we can do in contributing to save our environment.

Well...I know many of people out there thinks that these diapers are too expensive. Actually, nowadays we have a lot of choices and also better price. It is not that expensive if we compared to Disposable Diaper (DD). I can assure you that it is a good investment.

I have a good news to people living around me ( in Johor Bahru). Do you still think that these diapers are too expensive? You are interested in trying them but you are not sure if its suit your baby well?

Here is your chance to rent diapers for RM7/week for the first week and RM5/week for the subsequent week. The main objectives for you renting them is so that you can actually 'TEST' the diapers with your child first so that you know for sure that it is going to be useful after you buy them. it would be such a waste of money if you did pay the full price of the diaper and found out that you don't like using them or your baby not comfortable with it.

If you are interested with this option, do email me at I will send you the terms & conditions.

That is for now...Feel free to contact me if you have further enquiries...

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