Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lunatots Cloth Diaper


  • Lunatots Cloth Diapers (CD) is one of Malaysian Cloth Diaper
  • They provide the one size Cloth Diapers and also All in One (AIO) cloth diaper.
  • Comes in two types: Snap Button and Velcro.
  • The one size CD that has adjustable button that can be used by Newborn until 3 year old baby (17kgs).
  • Waterproof outer layer is made from PUL (polyurethane laminate)
  • Inner layer of custom micro fleece that keeps baby dry.
  • Super absorbent 3 layer Microfibre Inserts (also called as soaker).
  • Unique design of 4*3 snaps to adjust to size (S,M,L and XL).
  • Fit baby from weight 3kgs to 17kgs.(Approximately to 3 years old before potty training).
  • Suitable to be used during night time approximately 8 to 9 hours with 2 inserts. it may varies and depends on your baby's frequency of urination.
  • Prolonged contact to microfibre inserts with baby's bottom may caused dryness due to super absorbency of the material. Please make sure to put the microfibre/soaker  inside the pocket pants to ensure the only thing touch the baby's legs is the soft micro fleece on the inside.


  • You will need to wash your new CD 3 times before use. This pre wash is important to remove any residue left from the fabric from the manufacturer. It is also important to enhance the material absorption features.
  • One CD can be used approximately 4 to 6 hours.
  • Remove as such as possible the stool off the CD and rinse prior to putting it in the washing machine.
  • Do not use detergents containing pure soap, enzymes,fabric whitener,fabric brightener (bleach),fabric softner or anything scented.
  • Recommended the powder detergents (biogradable) example: Cosway biogradable powder detergent.
  • CD can be left dried under sun light or indoors.


  • The amount of disposable diapers used in a day can be used to estimate on how many CD you will need a day. it is best to have at least 10 CDs per child.
  • The more you wash the microfibre insert, the better they get.
  • It is recommended to use laundry bag while washing.



 1- LTB001- Snap Button CD- RM46/pc (1 insert), RM56/pc(2 inserts) - 15 colors

2- LTB002- Velcro CD- RM51/pc (1 insert), RM61/pc (2 inserts) - 15 colors

3- LTW001- Wording CD- RM53/pc (1 insert)- 15 colors

 Minky White                Polka Dots Black

Polka Dots Choco

Minky Black
4- LTPRB001- Printed CD Snap Button - RM53/pc
5-LTPRV001- Printed CD Velcro - RM57/pc

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